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City Hall

If you would like to schedule a meeting at City Hall. Please contact Greg Claypool.
Greg can be reached by phone at 553-0519 or by email at; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
City Hall is located at 4327 Wingate Road and can hold up to 20 people comfortably. There is a kitchen and restroom availability.

No Alcohol, No Smoking, No Weapons,  Non-Commercial.

Use restricted to City of Woodlawn Park Residents only.

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A message from the Chief

A message from the Chief...

Police say using the following hints should help you keep your packages safe:

  • Have packages delivered to your work. 
  • Schedule deliveries for times you will be home. 
  • Buddy up with a neighbor!
  • Require a signature. 
  • Consider investing in a Smart Locker
  • Have the packages delivered to a local delivery store (UPS store, FedEx store etc)
  • Only mail money or financial documents at a Post Office instead of dropping them into your home mailbox. 
  • Promptly pick up your mail or have a locking mailbox.

Michael R. Koenig
WoodlawnPark Police Department

Chief Michael Keonig

Chief Micheal Koenig

The swearing in of
Michael R. Keonig
as the new
Police Chief
of the
City of Woodlawn Park

Property Tax Due


Woodlawn Park Property Tax
Was Due
October 1, 2018

Door to Door Solicitors

Door to Door Solicitors

Although the City of Woodlawn Park has a NO Solicitation without a permit ordinance. Solicitors find their way into our city on occasion. If you encounter a solicitor without a Woodlawn Park permit (the cities DO NOT KNOCK LIST superedes a permit) remind them a permit is required and ask them to leave. Report the incident to Chief Heaton (439-6545).

Below are additional recomendations from LMPD 5th District should you encounter a solicitor legal or otherwise.
  Although most of these solicitors are legitimate and associated with legitimate companies some are not.  We have already received some reports of door to door solicitors in 5th Division neighborhoods.   We have not associated any criminal incidents related to door to door solicitors but we did want to pass on these tips for your.

    • First and foremost do not let them into your home for any reason.  Do not allow them to use your phone or restroom.  
    • Do not give them money.
    • If you have any doubts they are legitimate ask for identification or credentials.  

    • Do not provide any personal information. 

    • You have the right to tell them no thank you, ask them to leave and close the door. 

  • Call us if you have any reason to believe they are not legitimate or refuse to leave.  Also if you observe them looking in windows, trying doors or entering peoples back yards call us immediately.  If they become aggressive, irate or hostile you can call 911 immediately. 
  • Please call us when the activity is occurring so officers can respond to the area and try to locate the subject and determine if they are legitimate. 
Metro Ordinance 115.361 lists some general rules about solicitors.  Here is the web address.  ;


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