Where is the "Speed Sign" WP has had since JANUARY AND paid $1,392.00 for?

Started by Kim Horn on Monday, September 03 2018, 09:51 am ·

Where is the "Speed Sign" WP has had since JANUARY AND paid $1,392.00 for?
According to WP minutes found at woodlawnpark.com:

June, 2017:
"Residents: Kim Horn, 6865 Green Meadow Circle, spoke regarding speeding and running stop signs in the City. She stated she has approached Council members, past and present Mayors about the issues. She stated she feels there is an issue in the City with speeders and stop sign runners. She posted a poll on the Next-Door site and an overwhelming majority were against speed bumps. She stated she would like Council to come up with a resolution such as concrete pilings or barriers at stop signs, bumps or permanent radar. She stated it affects everyone, not just Green Meadow Circle. She stated she has a video of a driver on Green Meadow Circle running a stop sign, if anyone would like to see it. She stated she is unaware of any speeding ticket that has been issued in the time she has lived in the city. She will file an open records request for this information. She stated she wants to see if there is an issue of the Chief not writing ticketed because he doesn’t want to go downtown and go to court. Larry discussed the Chief sitting on Green Meadow Court and Westport Terrace to try to catch speeders and stop sign runners. She stated she feels the Chief sits near the stop sign so he doesn’t have to interact with the residents. Larry discussed using a portable, not permanent radar, at a far less cost and how it operates. Mrs. Horn stated she feels tickets need to be written and people need to be fiscally responsible. Chief Heaton stated Mrs. Horn’s neighbors disagree with her on the issue of speeding or stop sign running. Chief Heaton offered to let her ride a full shift with him to see what he does and to show him where the speeder and bad drivers are at. Mrs. Horn and the Chief discussed her reporting of speeders. Mrs. Horn asked the Chief if he was stating on the record that she had never approached him with specific request about specific residents. Chief Heaton stated there is more to police work than writing tickets. George stated he has seen speeders on Green Meadow Circle, like a van that comes by every day between 12:30 and 1:00 at 60mph. He stated Mrs. Horn is right that there are speeders and stop sign runners. He stated that unless you are there when it happens, there is not much you can do. Larry stated that if someone sees a habitual violator, to report the information to the Chief."

July, 2017:
"Kim Horn, 6865 Green Meadow Circle, stated her husband Scott is a Council member. She stated she will not offer excuses for her children, but she will state facts. Her children have cars that they enjoy, and they are to be treated
exactly like any other resident of Woodlawn Park. If he sees them doing something, he needs to curtail it and hit them where it hurts, in the wallet. She reviewed what she had stated at the last meeting about speeding and stop sign runners. She stated she was not aware of any tickets being written for the continued disregard of the law. She submitted an open records request for any and all traffic related tickets issued by Woodlawn Park Police for 06/15-06/17 to the City Clerk. She was informed there were 410 pages at $0.10 per page. She asked if this could be separated into parking and other offenses. She was told it could be and she would need to submit an amended request. She came to City Hall the next day to get the records and wrote a check for $0.30. She stated it was her understanding the Police have 3 options, Woodlawn Park warning, Woodlawn Park citation and a State citation, that adds points to license. 0 Woodlawn Park tickets and 0 State tickets had been issued for the past 2 years. There were 3 Woodlawn Park warnings issued and all were for non- residents. She stated she feels that it is matter of time before someone is grievously injured or killed. She gave a copy of the citations to Larry and the Council. Larry stated speed deterrents would be discussed later in the meeting."

"Chief Heaton stated 2 elderly residents had called for assistance while he was sitting in Green Meadow Circle. He stated a resident at 6839 Green Meadow Circle had stated it was ok for him to sit in their driveway. He sat at 6867 Green Meadow circle and ran radar and 4 cars came through. He stated he is working on speeders. He has had complaints about a certain car speeding. He stated there is a certain house back there that has been tagged as the Fast and Furious house. He stated the only car eh has had a real complaint about is a black car. Larry asked about the citation. Chief Heaton stated the driver was lost. He wrote a City citation, not a state citation, for driving 40 in a 25 mph zone. He stated has asked Northfield and St. Matthews and they stated it was ridiculous to sit for long periods of time in one spot, when there is not much traffic. He asked how many people have been killed by speeders, none, but one was killed because of parking on the street. Larry asked how other cities are dealing with speeders. Chief Heaton stated Northfield has gotten rid of their radar gun. Others do not run much radar. He stated Metro has a dedicated Traffic Unit. Larry asked if cities similar to ours do what we do. Chief Heaton stated the do not run much radar."

August, 2017:
"Larry asked about radar. The Chief stated he spent time back in the Circle. The fastest speed he clocked was 17 mph. On Walser, the fastest was 27 mph. He stated the most cars he tracked on Green Meadow Circle was 4 or 5 cars."

September, 2017:
"Radar/Speed Sign: Larry stated the sign is mobile. It captures speed up to 1000 feet away, both ways. It tracks the number of cars, time of day and speed of cars. He stated would need state approval to use it along Westport Road."

October, 2017:
"Radar Speed Sign: Larry stated the ordinance that was just passed will help pay, in part, for the sign. The cost is
$2784.00 and half will come from Metro. He stated he will get 1 sign for now and see how it works. Doug made a motion to purchase a radar speed sign as presented by the Mayor, not to exceed a cost of $2800.00. Shannon seconded the motion. Shannon, Doug and Greg voted Aye, Scott voted Nay."

November, 2017:
"Radar Speed Sign: Larry stated he has submitted the packet to Metro and it was approved at the subcommittee and then goes to the full committee on 11/28/17. He stated it should get approved."

January, 2018:
"Gloria Curran gave the Treasurer’s Report. She stated the auditor would not be at the meeting as he has the flu. She gave the report for December, 2017. She reviewed revenues and expenses, the general ledger and the balance sheet for December 2017 with the Council. She stated the entire cost of the speed sign is in the report. She is waiting to get one half of the cost from Metro. Tom made a motion to accept the report. Shannon seconded the motion. All voted aye and the report was approved."

"Streets & Signs Tom Nunn stated he had nothing to report. He is waiting to get the speed sign out. Larry stated the roads had been kept clear. Tom stated he had not heard any feedback on the Orchid Hill signage."

February, 2018: not addressed at meeting

March, 2018: not addressed at meeting

April, 2018:
"Street and signs Tom Nunn stated a banner came down and he will put it up. He is waiting on warmer weather to get pothole repair estimates. He will put up the speed sign."

May, 2018:
"Gloria Curran gave the Treasurer’s Report. She gave the report for April, 2018. She reviewed revenues and expenses, the general ledger and the balance sheet for April 2018 with the Council. She stated she applied the grant money for the speed sign that was purchased. Tom made a motion to accept the report. Greg seconded the motion. All voted aye and the report was approved."

"Street and Signs Tom Nunn stated he is trying to reach the man that does the pothole repairs. He will ask him to repair the curb on Walser. Larry stated it needs to be done by 06/30/8. He will meet with Larry to put up the speed sign."

June, 2018: not addressed at meeting

July, 2018: not addressed at meeting



We've had this sign since JANUARY!

Where is this speed sign that we've paid roughly $1,392.00 for?

Why has it NOT been installed?

WHO has it?

Where is the data?

(Screen-grabbed. Cross-posted at nextdoor.com/woodlawnpark

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