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Started by ellen on Thursday, August 17 2017, 12:30 pm ·

Why does the police officer who directs traffic at the Walden School have to use his police car to block the entire westbound left lane of Westport Road in the morning? (I don't know what happens in the afternoon). The officer stands in the turning lane, but the police car is parked, lights flashing, in the middle of the road, thereby making westbound Westport Road a one-lane road, during rush hour.
The thing is, there are no children crossing the road to get to the Walden School. The only thing he is there for is to block traffic to let cars exit the school parking lot.
He did this last year, too, but it was towards the end of the school year. This is only the third day of school at Walden. Do we have to just deal with it, or is there anything we can do? I mean, why can't he park his car in the turning lane instead of the traffic lane?

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Replied by George Langford on Tuesday, August 22 2017, 03:47 pm

I talked to the school officials last year and they informed me, and I did speak to the Metro Police Officer, that the method they use to get cars in and out of the school is the safest way. The school even spoke with St. Matthews P.D. about this issue and they basically agreed with the LMPD Officer. They did promise to put out more cones to allow cars to get over into the right lane further back on Westport Road, but I do not know if they have are not.

George Langford-Councilman
Woodlawn Park, Ky.


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