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The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance. The proposed minutes from the November 2018 meeting were reviewed and, after corrections, were approved. Although the City Council members were provided with the Treasurer’s Report, the Treasurer was absent, so the report highlights were not read at the meeting. The mayor stated that the Treasurer will present the November and December reports at the January meeting. Total revenues for November were $21,132.11. Total expenses were $18,137.89. Therefore, net income was $2994.22. The City Clerk gave the website report. She stated that she had partially filled one open records request, however, there was one more item, which will not be available until January, and she will fulfill the request when the remaining document is available.

Police Report: In November, the Chief finished organizing the WP police department. He created a Mission and Values Statement, which he read aloud. He stated that it was also posed on the whiteboard at City Hall and it will be posted on the city’s new website. He has started writing a policy manual which is based on professional standards. He hopes to have this completed in January. He has started using the donated equipment, such as the taser, in-car radio, and chargers. In January, he will propose that the city accept the donation of a 2005 Crown Victoria to use as a backup car. He received $500 worth of donated first aid supplies from the St. Matthews Fire Department. He is looking for ways to be more visible so that he can engage the community. He is thinking about bike patrols. He wants to bring positive change to the police department.

He used the speed sign. There were 289 incoming cars and 525 outgoing cars. He reported that 98.62% of incoming cars (285 cars) were going less than 25mph; 3 cars were going 26-30mph, and .35% (1 car) was going 31-35mph. For outgoing cars, 95.05% (499 cars) were going less than 25mph; 23 cars were going 26-30mph; and 3 cars were going 31-35mph. No cars in either direction were going over 35mph. The chief feels that speed is not a concern during this time. There were two reports of theft. Both of these involved a truck and a garage which were left unlocked. The chief reminded residents that they need to secure their valuables. There were 0 city citations, 4 warnings, 0 state citations, 0 motorist assists, 3 backups, and 0 arrests. There were seven miscellaneous tasks, which included attending a Block Watch meeting, meeting with a federal agent, creating 20 police department forms, attending training, and citizen follow-ups.

There were no variance requests, no resident comments, no old business, and no new business.

Mayor’s Report:
Mayoral Appointments-Process Explained: The mayor read from a prepared statement about how he makes appointments. In the mayor/city council model, the mayor makes appointments and removals. He reviews the requirements, reviews the person’s qualifications, he may reach out to individuals who he thinks may be suited to a position. He does this pursuant to statutes. Once an appointment is made by the mayor, it is confirmed by the City Council.

Stivers Road Sinkhole Repair: The mayor met with Stoll Construction, who was recommended by the engineer. They will excavate a 3-4’ wide area, dig 10’ deep, fill in with 8” of concrete, and top that with 1-2” of asphalt. MSD continues to say that this is not caused by their pipes. The estimate from the construction company was $1080. George Langford made a motion to complete the work, but asked what caused the sinkhole. The mayor stated that there are sinkholes all over the area. If the contractor finds a leak, then it can be turned in to MSD for reimbursement. All City Council members voted to fix the sinkhole, up to a cost of $1080.

Chimney Repair: All American agreed to use stainless steel. They came on December 14 and did the indoor work. They will have to come back and do the outside work when the weather is drier.

State of the City Handout: The mayor handed out a document which summarized the city’s financials, public safety (speed control, fire protection/ambulance service, block watch), city works (streets, snow removal, grounds maintenance, litter abatement, sanitation), communications (email notification system, city directory, welcome packet), community activities, beautification (Brightside, tree canopy, holiday decorations). There was also a section titled Looking Ahead. The mayor concluded that “the state of the city continues to be good.”

Council Focus:
City Hall-Greg Claypool had nothing to report.

Streets & Signs-Tom Nunn reported that the cracks in the streets will be filled, but there has been too much rain, so they are waiting for drier weather

Fence & Building Permits-Doug Watson had nothing to report.

City Lighting Grid-Ellen White reported that, since the last report, she had attended a City Council meeting and a Code Enforcement Board meeting. She reported that, at the CEB meeting, there was some discussion of having a committee of City Council members to review the ordinances to determine missing, mis-numbered, etc. ordinances. Ellen stated at the CEB meeting that she had already done all of that, and offered to put the ordinances and the indexes she created onto a thumb drive, which Mike Brown (CEB chairman) stated would be helpful. At this meeting, Ellen reported that she had provided said thumb drive to Mike Brown, and also had allowed the police chief to download the same information from her personal thumb drive onto the police computer.
Ellen also reported that there are a bunch of wires hanging down at the end of Beechwood Road, just past Kinloch. She had asked the police chief about it, and he said that they were phone or cable wires. The chief had reported the wires, but he said that it wouldn’t hurt to have another call, so Ellen called both AT&T and Spectrum to report the downed wires. Spectrum came to Ellen’s house, and she and the cable guy walked down to the area. He stated that the low-hanging wires are definitely cable wires. Of course, he was not able to fix them, but he will report it to his supervisor. It may take a while before the wires are properly secured, but at least someone from Spectrum has seen the wires in person, so hopefully the report will be processed in their system. There is a similar situation on Westport Terrace. The cable guy gave Ellen his supervisor’s phone number, and Ellen reported the address of those wires.
At the last City Council meeting, Ellen noted that street lights were out at Perryman/Middlebrook and at Kinloch/Beechwood. By November 22, the light at Perryman/Middlebrook was fixed. Ellen reported the Kinloch/Beechwood light to LG&E three times (11/19, 11/30, 12/9), and also called LG&E (12/13). The LG&E representative stated that LG&E put in a work order on December 10. Finally, on December 14, the Kinloch/Beechwood light was fixed!
Ellen completed four street light patrol walks (11/29, 12/9, 12/10, 12/12).
Finally, Ellen asked how she should handle her emails from her time on the City Council, which Ellen believes are subject to Kentucky Open Records statutes. The city attorney stated that the emails are probably not subject to open records requests, because they likely dealt with preliminary matters. However, Ellen stated that she has printed all of the emails to which she was a party which concern city business, and she will be happy to make those available. The attorney stated that they would still have to go through the City Clerk for an open records request.

Drainage/Block Watch-George Langford reported that he had cleared a culvert and sewer grate on Green Meadow Circle. He also talked with MSD about cleaning out a sewer pipe between Green Meadow Circle and Kinloch, as residents had reported foul odors in their homes. He also reported that MSD had not cleared the culvert near the CSX tracks between 6704-6706 Green Meadow Court. As to the Block Watch, George stated that a new coordinator has been found. The next Block Watch meeting is 2/7/19 at 7pm.

Community Activities-Shannon Seidt stated that Ellen had provided her with additional information on WP history, which she will incorporate into her information to be presented on the city’s new website. The holiday event for families and children will be held on January 3, but the time is unknown as of now.

The meeting was adjourned. After the meeting, the agenda called for the new City Council members to be sworn in, and there was a reception afterward. (I cannot report on what happened there, as I left after the meeting).

(NOTE: Not part of meeting: Although the new City Council members were sworn in at this meeting, as your interim councilperson, I will still be serving until December 31, 2018. I will continue to monitor the street lights until that time.
I appreciate Kim Horn videotaping the City Council meetings. I believe that, in the future, that will provide transparency and clarity of the meetings so, unless there is some issue about which I feel strongly, I will discontinue posting these summaries.
I also appreciate the many WP citizens who have given me positive feedback on my tenure as a city councilperson).

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