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City Council Meeting Notes 1/21/19

These notes are not the detailed notes I usually take. I had decided that it would no longer be necessary, since the meetings were being live-streamed, but this meeting was not filmed, so I thought I would share the few notes I did take.

The meeting started with the Pledge of Allegiance. The minutes from the December 2018 meeting were read and approved. The treasurer gave her report, and Daniel Weber presented an audit report, which was read by the council members. The city clerk gave her report. At the end of her report, the mayor asked her about the progress on the ordinance issue, to which she stated that she had not had time to work on that. The mayor suggested forming a committee.

The police chief gave his report. He has created a binder of forms which he will use for certain activities. He had to finish creating the forms before he could finish creating the policy and procedure manual. He stated that, the next evening, a city (he did not name the city, although council members were provided with a sheet which may have stated it) would be voting on either selling or donating one of its police cars to WP. The chief felt sure that they would vote to donate the car. He discussed the costs associated with having this backup car, such as insurance, repairs, etc. He asked the council to approve WP accepting the car if it was donated, and that was approved.

There was one variance request. A homeowner who has built a pool asked that he be allowed to have an 8-foot fence. His property backs up to the easement at the end of Beechwood Road, and he wanted to shield the pool from people who walk through the easement. Also, he wanted to provide a safe barrier between other houses and his yard, so that someone would not be able to enter the pool area. The council did approve the 8-foot fence for the back of the property which faces the easement. However, I am fairly sure that the council stated that he was only allowed to have a 6-foot fence around the remainder.

There were no resident comments or old business.

During the New Business section, the mayor made two appointments. He appointed Donna Rand to the Ethics Board. After obtaining an opinion letter from the city’s attorney stating that it was not a violation of the ethics ordinance (which had been brought up by this writer), the mayor appointed Nancye Claypool (wife of city councilperson Greg Claypool) as the new member of the Code Enforcement Board.

Mayor’s Report:
Beechwood Easement-the mayor had obtained an estimate for removing the limbs in the Beechwood easement. The council approved the cost for the one-time cleanup of the area.

City Website Update-the mayor is still working on updating the city’s website. He asked for suggestions from council members, and also advised them to look at websites, using Windy Hills as an example.
Business License-they want to revise the business license ordinance so that it is not based on gross income.

Stivers Road Sinkhole-the sinkhole has been repaired. The only remaining item is to put apply new asphalt. That obviously could not be done due to the weather.

Chimney Repair-the chimney work on city hall has been completed.

Council Focus:
City Hall-Greg Claypool-a resident has been using city hall to teach a class. This will be once a week for about 6-8 weeks.

Streets & Signs-Tom Nunn-nothing to report

Fence & Building Permits-Mike Brown-the only fence permit request was from the above-mentioned resident concerning the fence around the pool. With the council vote on the variance, the fence permit was issued at the end of the meeting.

New Moves Purchase/Rentals (Short & Long Term)-Doug Watson-this is a new council focus area. Since he is a realtor, Doug has access to houses which are coming up for sale or have been sold. He will keep track of those and give the information to the police chief, who will continue to hand out welcome packets to new residents. He reported that one house on Wingate had been sold, one house on Darbrook is for sale, and one house on Westport Terrace is no longer a rental.

Drainage/Block Watch-George Langford-a report was made regarding drainage issues. George is compiling a list of areas so that he can identify those locations which need to be reported to MSD. He has about 10 locations on his list. He posted on Next Door to ask residents to let him know about problem areas.
The next block watch meeting is February 7. George thinks he has found someone to take over the program for him.

City History/Community Activities-Shannon Seidt-the children’s holiday event was cancelled due to so much illness going around.

There being no further discussion, the meeting was adjourned.

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