Low-hanging cable wires at Beechwood/Kinloch

Started by ellen on Wednesday, December 12 2018, 07:46 pm ·

On a recent street light patrol walk, I noticed that there are a bunch of wires hanging down at the end of Beechwood Road, just past Kinloch. Luckily, that is not a thruway, but it is still a concern. I saw the police chief and asked him about it, and he said that they were phone or cable wires. I believe he may have called it in, but he said that it wouldn’t hurt to have another call, so I called both AT&T and Spectrum. I reported the downed wires, giving the address of the lawn care place as the location closest to the trouble. I received a text yesterday from Spectrum that they were coming to perform work at my house today. I accepted the service call (hey, whatever it takes to get them here). The cable guy came to my house this evening, and we walked down to the area. He stated that the low-hanging wires are definitely cable wires. Of course, he was not able to fix them, but he will report it to his supervisor. He said they have three levels of service: technician (his level), then maintenance, then construction. From what he saw, he said that, while it may be possible for maintenance to fix it, more than likely it will have to go the construction section. So, it may take a while before the wires are properly secured. However, at least someone from Spectrum has seen the wires in person, so I am hopeful that the report will be processed in their system. I know that there is a similar situation on Westport Terrace but, since I did not know the address, I was not able to give him that location. After he left, I went on another street light patrol walk and noted the address on Westport Terrace and, when I returned home, I called that in to Spectrum as well (to the technician’s supervisor’s direct number, so maybe we will get a prompt result). I just wanted to make sure that people were aware of these downed lines and to let you know that someone is working on getting them fixed.

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