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Started by George Langford on Saturday, August 11 2018, 08:54 pm ·

I recently received a complaint from a resident who stated that her neighbors Garbage Cans had been out on the street at least three days after the Garbage Pickup on Monday mornings.

We do not have a law or regulation, but residents are asked not to have their garbage out before 6PM on Sundays, this is often impossible with people going on vacations or out of town for the weekend, but by 7AM on Monday mornings and removed off of the street by 9PM Monday evening.

Our City Directory does not have page numbers, but you find it on what I would call Page 5.

It is wise to be on friendly terms with your Neighbors so that you can ask them to take in or take out the garbage if the need arises.

George Langford

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Replied by George Langford on Saturday, August 11 2018, 08:58 pm

Plus we as a Council I am sure do not want to pass another Ordinance for or Residents f]to follow.

Please bring in your Garbage Cans on Monday evening after the Garbage has been picked up.

Let's keep Woodlawn Park, Ky. CLEAN.

George Langford


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