Started by George Langford on Tuesday, August 22 2017, 04:07 pm ·

In the past I have asked everyone on Stivers Road, if possible, not to cut tree limbs, dump leaves, and put any debris into the Ditch that runs between the CSX Railroad Tracks and the Berm behind Stivers Road. As a matter of fact one of the residents on Stivers Road had a fence built and the company who built the fence dumped the old fence into the Ditch. Needless to say water does back up in the Ditch, and the old fence is still in the Ditch.

At last nights meeting of the City Council the Council and I was informed by the Mayor that this Ditch is in Beechwood Village and they are the ones who should be responsibile for having someone come out and clean the ditch. Of course if you walk the railroad track behind Woodlawn Park you will notice that Beechwood Village has made NO EFFORT to keep their side of the tracks clear, but in all fairness Beechwood Village does not have a Ditch on their side of the railroad tracks.

I will still monitor the Ditch, but I would advise in the future that any resident on Stivers Road call the Beechwood Village City Mayor about any drainage problems with this Ditch.

This ditch should not be confused with the Concrete Culvert that runs behind and through most of the yards on Stivers Road.

George Langford-Councilman

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Replied by George Langford on Wednesday, August 23 2017, 10:53 am

If anyone has any complaints about the above described Drainage Ditch behind Stivers Road they can contact Beechwood Village at 502-381-1038

Beechwood Village has their Council Meetings on the Second Tuesday of the month at 06:30pm at Beechwood Village Baptist Church, 201 Biltmore Road. Enter through the side entrance by the playground then proceed up one level.

George Langford-Councilman
City of Woodlawn Park,


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