Christmas Safety

Started by George Langford on Saturday, December 02 2017, 10:54 am ·

Christmas is here as is the Holiday Season, so this is a reminder to all of our Residents and Blockwatch Captains about what to look for during the Holidays.
1. Be alert for any suspicious cars in the neighborhood who may be looking for any packages on resident porches. If you see anything suspicious call our Chief of Police and advise him.
2. If you are having packages delivered to your home by UPS/FedEX, and are not going to be home ask a neighbor to take them . Check your front porch frequently if you are home for any packages you are expecting.
3. Please do not leave anything of value in your automobile that you do not want stolen even during the daytime. Desperate people will steal 24 hours of the day.

If I come up with anymore tips I will put them on our website.

George Langford

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