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Started by Kim Horn on Thursday, October 04 2018, 02:25 pm ·

Can someone from the council confirm whether Chief Koenig WILL or WILL NOT be using the previous officer's number: (502)439-6545? Also, will he be texting/responding to texts with residents on that device?

Additionally, in anticipation of his start date (October 11), there are several locations on where names/numbers need to be changed/updated with this new information.

If someone could answer ASAP, I'd like to be able to share this information at tonight's Blockwatch meeting.

Kim Horn

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Replied by ellen on Thursday, October 04 2018, 04:47 pm

The mayor replied to my email. He stated that contacting the police chief will be the same procedure as it has been in the past. He stated that the contact information is the same and is posted on the city's website.

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Replied by ellen on Thursday, October 04 2018, 02:35 pm

I have contacted the mayor to ask him your questions. However, I did not see the edited portion about sharing the info this evening, so I'm not sure that I will have a reply from him before then. If I do, though, I will let you know. I will be at the block watch meeting this evening.


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