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The City of Woodlawn Park

City of Woodlwan Park Info

About our association

Mayor & City Council

Your city government is comprised of a mayor and six city council members. Your mayor is elected every four years and your council is elected every two years.

Our objective and purpose is as follows:

· Encourage all residents and businesses within the area to maintain and improve the condition and appearance of their property

· To create and expand civic pride and foster a sense of community cooperation throughout the city.

· To improve the safety and well-being of all persons within our city by providing education on crime prevention, zoning and traffic enforcement, and environmental concerns.

· To work with other city, local, and governmental groups to solve common problems and to maintain and upgrade the quality of life for all residents of the St. Matthews Area.

Your current mayor is Mike Brown and was elected November 2010. Mike will serve until the term ends in November 2014.

Your city council and service focus are as follows:

  • Mike Brown - Mayor
  • George Langford - Emergency Preparation
  • Larry Lewis- Streets and Signs
  • Thomas Nunn - Welcome Committee
  • Becky Ritz - City Hall Management and Scheduling
  • Doug Watson - Fence and Building Permits
  • Greg Claypool- Grounds


Solicitation Process as of April 19, 2012:

City Treasurer & City Clerk

The mayor is responsible for hiring a City Treasurer and a City Clerk. The current City Treasurer is Gloria Curran, and the current City Clerk is Chana Elswick.

City Police & City Attorney

The mayor appoints our city police force and retains a city attorney. Our police chief is Chief Bob Heaton. Our city attorney is Matt Carey. Our code enforcement officer is Bill Ritz.

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Download this file (Ordinance 3, Series 2011-2012.pdf)Solicitation Ordinance April 19, 2012Solicitation Ordinance April 19, 2012 Mayor Mike Brown203 Kb
Download this file (Solicitor Application Woodlawn Park.pdf)Solicitor Application 2012Solicitor Application 2012 Mayor Mike Brown8 Kb