Treasurer and Budget

City of Woodlawn Park Treasurer and Budget

Our City Treasurer is Gloria Curran. Her contact info is (502) 244-5043.

Mailing address for tax information is as follows: Attn: Gloria Curran Treasurer, 2527 Nelson Miller Pkwy, Suite 205, Room 103, Louisville, KY 40223

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Download this file (Financial Report June 30 2014.pdf)Financial Report June 30 2014.pdfFinancial Report June 20141896Mayor Mike Brown1973 Kb
Download this file (Woodlawn Park May 2014 Financial Report.pdf)Woodlawn Park May 2014 Financial Report.pdfFinancial Report May 20141897Mayor Mike Brown1874 Kb
Download this file (Woodlawn Park April 2014 Financial Report.pdf)Woodlawn Park April 2014 Financial Report.pdfFinancial Report April 20141898Mayor Mike Brown1928 Kb
Download this file (March 31 2014 FinancialReport.pdf)March 31 2014 FinancialReport.pdfFinancial Report March 20141899Mayor Mike Brown1745 Kb
Download this file (February 28 2014.pdf)February 28 2014.pdfFinancial Report February 20141900Mayor Mike Brown1739 Kb
Download this file (Woodlawn Park Jan 2014 Financial Report.pdf)Woodlawn Park Jan 2014 Financial Report.pdfFinancial Report January 20141901Mayor Mike Brown1592 Kb
Download this file (Dec312013Financial Report.pdf)Dec312013Financial Report.pdfFinancial Report December 20131902Mayor Mike Brown1586 Kb
Download this file (Woodlawn Park Nov 2013 Financial Report.pdf)Woodlawn Park Nov 2013 Financial Report.pdfFinancial Report November 20131903Mayor Mike Brown1936 Kb
Download this file (Oct 2013 Financial Report.pdf)Oct 2013 Financial Report.pdfFinancial Report October 20131904Mayor Mike Brown1814 Kb
Download this file (Woodlawn Park Sept 2013 Financial Report.pdf)Woodlawn Park Sept 2013 Financial Report.pdfFinancial Report September 20131905Mayor Mike Brown2106 Kb
Download this file (August 31 2013 FinancialReport.pdf)August 31 2013 FinancialReport.pdfFinancial Report August 20131906Mayor Mike Brown523 Kb
Download this file (July 2013 FinancialReport.pdf)July 2013 FinancialReport.pdfFinancial Report July 20131907Mayor Mike Brown573 Kb
Download this file (FinancialReportJune 302013.pdf)FinancialReportJune 302013.pdfFinancial Report June 20131908Mayor Mike Brown372 Kb
Download this file (May 2013 Financials - WLP.pdf)May 2013 Financials - WLP.pdfFinancialReport May 31 20131909Mayor Mike Brown2000 Kb
Download this file (FinancialReport April302013.pdf)FinancialReport April302013.pdfFinancial Report April 30 20131910Mayor Mike Brown1804 Kb
Download this file (FinancialReportMarch312013.pdf)FinancialReportMarch312013.pdfFinancial Report March 20131911Mayor Mike Brown1819 Kb
Download this file (Feb 2013 Financials - WLP.pdf)Feb 2013 Financials - WLP.pdfFinancial Report February 2013 1912Mayor Mike Brown1813 Kb
Download this file (Jan 2013 Financials - WLP.pdf)Jan 2013 Financials - WLP.pdfFinancial Report January 20131913Mayor Mike Brown1707 Kb
Download this file (FinancialReportDec312012.pdf)FinancialReportDec312012.pdfFinancial Report December 20121914Mayor Mike Brown460 Kb
Download this file (FinancialReport November302012.pdf)FinancialReport November302012.pdfFinancial Report November 20121915Mayor Mike Brown408 Kb
Download this file (Oct 31 2012 Financial Stmt WLP.pdf)Oct 31 2012 Financial Stmt WLP.pdfFinancial Report October 20121916Mayor Mike Brown1809 Kb
Download this file (FinancialReportSeptember2012.pdf)FinancialReportSeptember2012.pdfFinancialReport September 20121917Mayor Mike Brown673 Kb
Download this file (FinancialReport August312012.pdf)FinancialReport August312012.pdfFinancial Report August 20121918Mayor Mike Brown517 Kb
Download this file (July 2012 Financial Stmt WLP.pdf)July 2012 Financial Stmt WLP.pdfFinancial Report July 20121919Mayor Mike Brown1785 Kb
Download this file (FinancialReportJune302012.pdf)FinancialReportJune302012.pdfFinancial Report June 20121920Mayor Mike Brown489 Kb
Download this file (FinancialReport April302012.pdf)FinancialReport April302012.pdfFinancial Report April 20121922Mayor Mike Brown445 Kb
Download this file (March 2012 Fin Stmt WLP.pdf)March 2012 Fin Stmt WLP.pdfFinancialReport March 20121923Mayor Mike Brown1790 Kb
Download this file (FinancialReport February292012.pdf)FinancialReport February292012.pdfFinancialReport February 20121924Mayor Mike Brown457 Kb
Download this file (FinancialReport January312012.pdf)FinancialReport January312012.pdfFinancial Report January 20121925Mayor Mike Brown452 Kb
Download this file (FinancialReport December312011.pdf)FinancialReport December312011.pdfFinancial Report December 20111926Mayor Mike Brown455 Kb
Download this file (Financial Report Nov302011.pdf)Financial Report Nov302011.pdfFinancial Report November 20111927Mayor Mike Brown501 Kb
Download this file (FinancialReportOctober312011.pdf)FinancialReportOctober312011.pdfFinancial Report October 20111928Mayor Mike Brown1881 Kb
Download this file (FinancialReport September302011.pdf)FinancialReport September302011.pdfFinancial Report September 20111929Mayor Mike Brown564 Kb
Download this file (FinancialReportAugust312011.pdf)FinancialReportAugust312011.pdfFinancial Report August 20111930Mayor Mike Brown467 Kb
Download this file (FinancialReport July312011.pdf)FinancialReport July312011.pdfFinancial Report July 20111931Mayor Mike Brown493 Kb
Download this file (FinancialReport June 302011.pdf)Financial Report June 2011Financial Report June 20111932Mayor Mike Brown494 Kb
Download this file (FinancialReport May 312011.pdf)FinancialReport May 312011.pdfFinancial Report May 20111933Administrator479 Kb
Download this file (WLP April 2011 Financial Stmt.pdf)WLP April 2011 Financial Stmt.pdfFinancial Report April 20111934Mayor Mike Brown1707 Kb
Download this file (WLP March 2011 Financial Stmt.pdf)WLP March 2011 Financial Stmt.pdfFinancial Report March 20111935Mayor Mike Brown1754 Kb
Download this file (FinancialReport February 2011.pdf)FinancialReport February 2011.pdfFinancial Report February 20111936Mayor Mike Brown519 Kb
Download this file (January 2011 Financial Report.pdf)January 2011 Financial Report.pdfFinancial Report January 20111937Mayor Mike Brown433 Kb