Block Watch


City of Woodlawn Park Block Watch

Ed Purcell is the block watch chair. Please contact Ed by phone (502) 721-9885 if you would like to be involved with the Block Watch!

You can help track crime also, Please visit

Below are the names of the City’s current Neighborhood Watch Program captains. Feel free to contact the captain assigned to your area with any questions concerning our City’s safety.

City of Woodlawn Park Chief of Police – Michael Keonig (650-2230).


Ahland Road, All Donna Rand 895-6633
Alicent Court
Alicent Road
Doug Watson
Alice Neafus

Ambridge Circle Co-Captain Ann Stuckenborg 895-0636
Ambridge Circle Co-Captain Susan Krekel Borgerding 533-8068 
Beechwood Road, 700-816 Karen Watson 916-420-1825 
Beechwood Road, 900's Debby Crain 894-0165
Cattleya Court, All Debby Crain 894-0165
Darbrook Road, All Joe Douthitt Unlisted
Darbrook Road Co-Captain (4100 & 4200 block) Fan Waddle 893-6302
Green Meadow Circle, 6700's, 6800-6820 Eugene Ward                          897-1038
Green Meadow Circle, 6821-6853 Kim Horn 641-2092
Green Meadow Circle, 6854-6894 Fred and Suzanne Dugan 895-2321
Green Meadow Court Co-Captain Ann McDermott 749-6336
Green Meadow Court Co-Captain Angie Weismiller 552-9566
Kinloch Road, All Don Watson 897-9606
Middlebrook Road George Langford 897-1915
Orchid Hill Place, All Debby Crain 894-0165
Perryman Road, 800-915 Co-Captain Rebecca MacGilvary 899-3735
Perryman Road, 800-915 Co-Captain
Perryman Road, 900 Block
Philip Lawver
Brian Weinberg
Schuwey Court, 4200-4205 Ken Merrick 896-1909
Stivers Court, All Jim Meyers 896-1713
Stivers Road, 600-707 Matt Chamberlain 897-1241
Stivers Road, 708-720 Jim Meyers 896-1713
Strivers Road 722-816 Robin Lewis 896-8517
Walser Road, All Doug Watson 894-9694
Westport Road, 4242-4308 Ken Merrick  
Westport Terrace, 4240-4246 Mike Brown 643-3175
Westport Terrace, 4248-4254 Fred Weinert 895-7408
Westport Terrace, 4303-4322 Ed Purcell 721-9885
Wingate Road, All Laura Fowler 552-0971




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